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I am a cisgender, fat-bodied, and queer-identified therapist who has experience working with

a wide range of individuals and folx in various relationship types 

with concerns including anxiety, depression, relational conflict, complex trauma,

grief and loss, body image, self esteem issues, disordered eating,

polyamory,  gender identity and LGBTQ+ concerns. 


I completed my Masters in Social Work with a focus on Mental Health and Clinical Social Work

at Hunter College in 2020. I had my internship at the Institute for Human Identity Therapy Center from 2019- 2020 and have continued to work for IHI in some capacity since.  I have also previously worked with several LGBTQ+ organizations, and volunteered as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line. 

Along with the skills I have learned from these organizations I also have a previous Masters in Fine Art

from Rochester Institute of Technology.  I believe that art, writing, music, and dance are forms

of healing therapy and will integrate them into work with clients if appropriate.

Though I still see a small group of clients at IHI,  I am now focused on building my own practice.

Welcome to Therapy with Emily Scott. I look forward to meeting you.

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